Change is difficult. It’s unsettling. It’s disruptive. Yet is essential.

Organizations face a real risk. Almost all organizations that have relied on “what always worked” or “we have always done it this way” have sooner or later been forced to evolve or perish. Through the Consulting & Advisory practice at NAlliancetech, we recognize that every business is different and any change is disruptive. We are focused on being the facilitators and advisors on managing this change with least degree of disruption within the organization…towards the aim to keep business models more relevant, modern and digitally-efficient!

Partnering closely with all stakeholders, understanding their needs and challenges, we provide fresh strategies, creative solutions and practical innovations that can be harmoniously implemented within the existing structure and culture to produce incredible results. With Data in our DNA and a strong technology prowess, we orchestrate Data Driven Digital Transformation that delivers significant improvements in operational costs, customer journey / experience and new operating models.

Our Consulting and Advisory practice, as a business and delivery model, is fully insulated from our delivery practices, to ensure that the advice you get from NAlliancetech is completely neutral, steering clear of any existing or potential conflict of interests. We have successfully delivered business value to global organizations across industries such as manufacturing, logistics, travel, government and international organizations across India, the US and Europe.


NAlliancetech Consulting and Advisory Practice specializes on three core areas:


Our comprehensive service offerings are tightly integrated into proprietary NAlliancetech’ Consulting Service Framework around Enterprise Data Management, Business Process Management, Technology Consulting:



We work with the world’s leading organizations to provide a holistic, collaborative and most importantly transformative solutions to their business and IT challenges. With deep industry knowledge backed by technology expertise and global reach, we cover the end-to-end spectrum of the business transformation while owning your business challenges at all times.

Through such pragmatic approach, we ensure that we help you design and achieve market-leading performance roadmaps while keeping a close eye on execution of the proposed roadmap.



The “Discover Phase” aims to identify the business value of proposed transformation by establishing the business case through the assessment of technical and functional risks and identification of productivity improvement avenues.


The “Explore Phase” does a detailed analysis of existing business and technology challenges faced by the client. Such analysis combined with the industry best practices and design thinking help to finalize the roadmap for the transformation.


The “Focus Phase” is essentially the implementation phase where the proposed process, data and technology transformations proposed in the roadmap are implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consulting & Advisory practices work with the leading organizations of the world and are up-to-date with the contemporary frameworks and software applications, their pros and cons, the best practices, the popular market approach, the successful market approach, the expertise available in the market, etc. As a result, the Consulting & Advisory professionals can analyse the As-Is IT estates of their customers and suggest workable blueprints and detailed plans of actions, encompassing BPM approach, Digital Transition, or Digital Transformation to leverage an Integrated IT space and drive value.

Having a separate IT Consulting & Advisory view that is different from the IT Delivery is important so that the business gets an impartial view of the market, knowledge about the popular software applications in the market, and the widely accepted approaches and frameworks in the market vis-à-vis the business requirement.

Consulting & Advisory procedure has three stages –

  • Discover stage – Assesses the As-Is IT setup and identifies and quantifies the business value that will be generated through the proposed transformation.
  • Explore stage – Performs a detailed analysis of the business requirements and the challenges faced by the customer.
  • Focus stage – Applies the findings of the earlier stages, industry best practices, and design thinking to design the roadmap. It is followed by on-boarding an implementation expert/specialist vendor to execute and deliver the roadmap as a project under constant review and monitoring, jointly done by the Business and Consulting & Advisory.

NAlliancetech Consulting & Advisory practice has three pillars – Enterprise Data Management Consulting, BPM Consulting, and Technology Consulting.

Amit Mahajan
N Alliance Tech Commercial Director

Our mission is to help your business grow through remote development talent. Reach out with any questions you have and follow us on social media to see the life of N Alliatians.



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