The Research & Analytics (R&A) solutions at NAlliancetech is a smart blend of domain knowledge in Market Research and Analytics in conjunction with the core Technology forte of NAlliancetech. The key focus remains around deriving insights from structured and unstructured data using AI/ML, Data Management, Knowledge portals, Analytical Methodologies, Consulting and Story Telling to meet the end objectives of Brands & Agencies. This is further fueled by agile & intuitive layers of Business Intelligence and Data Visualization for faster decision making. We also provide support for Speech to Text Analytics, Mystery Audits, Data Collection, Preparation and Integration.

Team NAlliancetech has continued to add value to the Research & Analytics processes by virtue of its rich expertise in the space of Process Consulting, Data Science/Advanced Analytics, Data Visualization, Research Tech and Mobility along with modern areas such as data & pattern mining using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These key differentiators have allowed us to equip our clients across the globe with efficient processes & sharper insights. Our focus on “Transform to Perform” has enabled us to deliver projects in Big Data integration and Data Discovery exercises leveraging our core competence in unifying high volume, multi-source data including unstructured data. This has also led to multiple success stories around an integrated Omni-channel view of the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and related consumer analytics

To continue its leadership position in Market Research Technology space, Nalliancetech, in collaboration with the global MR association ESOMAR and Market Research Society of India (MRSI) has institutionalized industry awards like the Dr. Lalit Kanodia Laureate Award for Technology Excellence in Market Research. These awards encourage and acknowledge efforts towards technology-led innovations in Market Research industry that tangibly enhance the quality of consumer insights by celebrating and rewarding innovators on a global platforms.



NAlliancetech enables you to “unify to amplify”

As a digital research partner for data-driven brands, NAlliancetech offers technology solutions for Market Research (MR). The company enables you to integrate and unify diverse operational, attitudinal, and transactional data sources to create a 360 degree, on-demand view of the customer.


CX Consulting

Comprehensive advisory services comprising the integration of processes, systems, and data with a focus on customer centricity

Advanced Analytics & Data Sciences

Connected data solutions including Pattern Mining, Segmentation, Predictive Analytics and Social Media Analytics

Mystery Shopping & Audit

Solutions for evaluation of true customer experience, risk & compliance and process blind-spots

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence with real-time charting & reporting and DIY dashboards using NAlliancetech proprietary tools, such as TruBI, and also industry-standard platforms, such as PowerBI and Tableau

Voice of Customer

Derive insights from the
omni-channel Voice of the Customer to increase Csat/NPS and brand stickiness

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Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise Portals offer role-based access to authorised employees to the different enterprise assets – content, data, and business applications. It is a safe and secure platform for knowledge management, knowledge transfer, and collaboration.

API Management involves developing and publishing application programming interfaces or APIs, controlling their access, tapping and analysing application usage statistics, and generating reports for performance management.

APIs are used to make application architecture more composable and integrable with other applications. API management is a best practice in the overall application lifecycle. It allows improving the abstraction levels of an application to offer improved integration and a strategic edge.

APIs and API management, in general, allow businesses to modernize their existing IT application landscape and offer seamless user experience, such as secure single sign-on and integrating commercial-off-the-shelf products in agile and resilient enterprise architecture.

Business requirements change from time to time and not all commercial off-the-shelf products from different OEMs offer a complete solution to business requirements. System Integrators address the business requirement to provide a complete solution. They are aware of the pros and cons of products available in the market and can tailor solutions while trying to eliminate technical debt. They help businesses to consider a wide variety of software options available and shortlist the best ones for an upgrade. However, it has to be noted that the existing investments and customizations should be easily reusable in the new environment. Maintaining continuity with a selective pick and choose between existing environment pros and the new options available in the market is a best practice. The customizations in the new environment should be over the top so that they can be easily carried forward to the next big upgrade.

For example: Migrating the SAP BO environment to MS Power BI looks like a mighty leap away from the closed SAP architecture. However, SAP BO’s current versions have limited capabilities for DIY reporting and Cloud leverage. Hence migrating to MS Power BI, which provides the limitless capability for self-service reporting sans dependency on huge IT developer teams, makes perfect business sense till SAP rolls out its agile yet rugged reporting feature that can be leveraged over the Cloud. Besides MS Power BI has the capability to reuse and accommodate the existing universes and customized semantic layers, dashboards, and reports from the As-Is environment to the To-Be environment over the Cloud.

24×7 L1, L2, L3 support is an ideal scenario in Application Management. However, the customer business has to judiciously select the preferred Application Management and Support model that suits their business requirement and budget. Businesses can opt for 8×5 and 16×5 models within the ambits of predefined SLAs and turnaround time.

Amit Mahajan
N Alliance Tech Commercial Director

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